My Journey Undercover, Part 1


Note: When she went on the TV series, Undercover Boss, in 2014, COO Shane Evans kept a journal documenting her experiences before, during, and after the show. Follow her blog as she reveals her hopes (and fears) as she undertakes one of her most challenging assignments.

I have been approached by CBS to be on their show, Undercover Boss. I know some of the other Franchise Owners who have been on the show and know that it will give me incredible insights about our brand, but I am still nervous. After all, I will be on national TV—wearing a costume and a wig to hide my identity—but still!

I met with the Marketing and Operations Team at our corporate office before committing to do the show, and we ran through some worst-case scenarios about what I could uncover.

By going undercover, we will get honest feedback from staff and customers about the Massage Heights experience, and I can look at the business through the eyes of my Undercover Boss character, whoever she will be. We plan to use these insights to fulfill our objective of being the employer of choice for massage and skin therapists and to improve the Guest experience.

So, here I go! There's no turning back now. We begin shooting the episode in less than a month. 

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