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Massage Heights stands out to entrepreneurs who choose franchising as a route to business ownership because of the demonstrative and verifiable successes achieved in business and people. When learning about franchise brands, entrepreneurs are excited to see our Culture of Care in action, meet the experts leading our organization and learn about our commitment to an elevated guest experience. 

Massage Heights is proud to showcase the aspects of our business model that make our franchise opportunity  a great choice for many. With nearly 20 years of experience in a proven business model, Massage Heights still continues to see rapid upward trajectory, as evidenced by our 25% increase in same-store sales growth** in 2022 versus 2019, an average unit volume** (AUV) of over $1 million, and record-breaking revenue** in 2022 - $121,000,000+ in all. As a brand, Massage Heights continues to innovate, currently working on the implementation of our newest client experience - infrared light therapy.

So, what makes us the right choice for franchise ownership? We believe it comes down to two simple factors - our key differentiators and our value propositions. We invite you to see for yourself.

Our Proprietary “Culture of Care”

Massage Heights places an enormous emphasis on the “Culture of Care” we’ve developed and refined over the years. For our brand, this is not a catchphrase, seasonal promotion, or annual pledge drive. It’s an ongoing commitment to elevate the people we touch, both in our internal corporate structure (B2B) as well as in our external value propositions (B2C). 

Massage Heights has redefined how care should look, act, and inspire, in every aspect of our business model. Internally, our “Culture of Care” can be seen in the brand-specific care programs we’ve developed for our franchise owners and their employees; all designed to continue our values-driven decisions and leadership style. –It’s also evidenced externally in the special initiatives we’ve designed to serve other well-known caregivers in the community – such as teachers, frontline healthcare workers, and first responders. When it comes to our “Culture of Care,” we don’t do it for any other reason than that’s who caregivers are - and that’s what caregivers do.


of survery therapists are highly satisfied working at Massage Heights


of Therapists are likely to recommend Massage Heights as a place to work

Expertise You Can Trust

Much of the credit for the 100+ Retreats we’ve established across the U.S. and Canada goes to the remarkable level of combined expertise within the Massage Heights leadership team. Comprehensively, they have over two decades of in-category experience. Not just in the health and wellness category, but experience that’s both massage and spa specific. The combined talent of Massage Heights leaders also extends to trade industry relations, where several executives currently serve on boards and committees that promote, protect, and defend therapeutic-based healthcare solutions. Be it massage therapy, skincare, health and wellness, marketing, or strategic planning, Massage Heights has the expertise you can trust. Because that’s what you deserve as a franchise owner. 

Unmatched Guest Experience

It takes an unmatched guest experience to succeed in the spa and massage therapy industry. Standing out in a highly competitive business category takes time, effort, and resources – but we understand that the paying customer is the ultimate judge. Massage Heights has designed, implemented, and refined a guest experience that centers on our belief that the upscale – yet affordable - therapeutic services we provide should be accessible to all.

But how does one measure the success of client satisfaction? At Massage Heights, we believe the data and statistics on client satisfaction levels are a clear referendum on our performance.

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Massage Heights

  • A 95% membership
    program retention rate
  • An average of 11 visits
    per year from members
  • Best-in-Class massage
  • Luxurious linens with a
    minimum 800-thread count
  • Complementary
    aromatherapy and other
    customizable service add-ons
  • All-natural oils and product

Hear from One of Our Owners

Don’t just take our word for it…hear from Kasey Kohtala of Decatur, Georgia. From her very first visit to Massage Heights, Kasey was instantly sold on the upscale surroundings and guest experience, an atmosphere of services she had paid much higher amounts for in the past. Convinced of the value, she quickly purchased a Massage Heights membership and become an unofficial brand ambassador as she began recommending Massage Heights to her family, friends, and colleagues. But there was still one final chapter left in her mission of brand advocacy; Kasey has become a franchise owner and opened her  Massage Heights Retreat location, going on to become one of the most prolific franchise owners in our system. Kasey is just one of our incredible franchise owners that makes up the Massage Heights brand.

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