Meet Priscilla, Massage Therapist & Massage Heights Franchise Owner


Priscilla started practicing massage 15 years ago in 1999 when she became a registered Massage Therapist and opened her own business, Absolute Therapeutic Touch. Working as a Massage Therapist, she discovered her specialty—helping pregnant women. With this specialty and passion, Priscilla began work at the Women's Hospital of Texas as the Massage Therapist for pregnant women who were considered "high-risk" and on bed rest.

Through the practice of working with pregnant women, Priscilla took interest in fertility massage and began working with IVF (In Vetro Fertilization) doctors, assisting their patients through the IVF process. To this day, she helps pregnant women or those trying to get pregnant with therapeutic massage.

"Even as a Massage Heights franchisee, my heart still wants to help others manage their aches and pains through massage therapy. I absolutely love what I do—helping others!" says Priscilla. "Choosing Massage Heights over the other competitors was a no brainer. Massage Heights had it all to offer, from being a part of a franchise family to offering the highest quality of service. When you walk into a Massage Heights, you can feel the energy that's been put into the brand!"

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