Are You the Right Candidate for the Massage Franchise Industry?


The massage therapy/skin therapy industry has proven to be a growing and profitable segment of the health care and spa treatment space. This multi-billion dollar industry has created excellent opportunities for those looking to invest in flourishing franchises across the U.S. and Canada. However, not everyone is suited to thrive in the massage and facial franchise industry. The right candidates must have the core values, skillset, capital and personal attributes necessary to lend to their success as Massage Heights franchise owners.

The Ideal Candidates for Massage Franchise Ownership
There is more to owning a massage franchise than just investing money into a profitable enterprise. At Massage Heights, we look for owners who possess the Massage Heights core values and are passionate about promoting health and quality of life for their Guests and Team Members. This is a very personalized service industry, requiring a high level of commitment to providing the best care for Guests in a positive, inviting and relaxing environment.

There are several aspects we focus on when discussing our franchise opportunity with potential investors. We want to ensure the people who become part of our franchise family have similar values to ours to perpetuate the success of our brand, along with the experience and skills to create their own success. Some of the traits and skills we value in a perspective franchise owner:

?Customer service experience. Providing excellent customer service is the mainstay of our business. Ideal candidates should have strong customer service skills with at least two years experience working in retail or service sales.

?Managerial experience. Every good business owner knows that their employees are the most important asset in their business. We want our franchisees to have experience managing team members in a transparent, caring and positive manner.

?Profit and loss experience. Understanding the fundamentals of profit and loss in a small business environment is essential to operating a profitable business.

In addition to experience and skillsets that are desirable for running a business, we want franchise owner candidates that believe in the same core values that we have built our business around. At Massage Heights, we are looking for franchise owners that are as passionate as we are about promoting health and wellness in the communities we serve. We pride ourselves on surrounding ourselves with massage franchise owners who possess the following core values:

? Loyal - Franchise owners who care for mind, body and spirit in every relationship.

? Passionate - Franchise owners who invest love and energy into everything they do.

? Diligent - Franchise owners who execute consistently to achieve desired results.

? Authentic - Franchise owners who will live true to themselves and their values.

A combination of all these core values, along with the experience and financial resources needed, are the basics of what we look for in our franchise owners.

If you are considering investing in the massage franchise industry and have the above skills and values, you are an ideal candidate to pursue ownership of your own massage franchise. Massage Heights offers an excellent training and support system for our franchise owners, on top of a unique business model designed for success. Let us be your partner in this exciting and growing industry! Contact us for more information.

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