Meet Travis Ochoa, Massage Heights Franchise Owner


Travis Ochoa and his business partner, David Grossman, began looking for franchise ownership opportunities that were a good fit for Travis's kinesiology, massage therapy, spa and sports medicine background. They were well acquainted with the Massage Envy business model but became intrigued by the Massage Heights concept. They set up an interview with the Massage Heights' Regional Developer in Texas to learn more and visited a Massage Heights Retreat to receive a massage.

Travis was impressed. "The Retreat itself and the experience was like being in a high-end spa."

From there, Travis and David moved through the franchise process, with the ultimate goal of opening multiple Retreat locations. They chalk their big dreams up to their Texas roots and say they like the fact that the Massage Heights founders and the Corporate Office are in San Antonio. As their business has grown, so has consumer demand for massages.

Travis Ochoa says, "25 million more Americans are getting massages today than a decade ago. Massage therapy is one of the fastest growing industries in the nation, and the room for growth is limitless. Medical research proves that regular therapeutic massage helps people feel better, sleep better, and heal faster. In becoming Massage Heights Franchise Owners, David and I have the opportunity to make an impact in people's lives that continues beyond our four walls. And that's amazing!"

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