Massage Heights Celebrates Strong Connections at Annual International Franchise Convention.


This year's Franchise Convention was a great place for people to catch up with fellow Franchise Owners, spend face time with Corporate Team Leaders, learn new skills, meet new Strategic Partners, and if you were lucky, have some downtime at nearby attractions. The Massage Heights four-day convention was held in San Antonio, TX, with more than 200 attendees, including Area Developers, Franchise Owners, Retreat Directors, and Lead Massage/Skin Therapists. Keynote speakers Lisa McLeod, who did a presentation on Selling with Noble Purpose, and Bruce Sullivan, who talked about leadership, inspired the crowd. Attendees either sat in or hosted breakout sessions on topics such as scheduling and business economics, and there was hands-on training and education for the Massage and Skin Therapists attending. One of the many reasons people choose to join Massage Heights is because of the hands-on training and the fact that Massage Heights is a family-owned business. The Annual Convention is a great way to reinforce connections between everyone in the organization and has become the place where the whole Massage Heights team truly feels like one big happy family!

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