Finding the Franchise That’s the Perfect Fit


When we ask our Franchise Owners what made them choose us over another franchise, many of them say, "It just felt right," or "I like the culture of the organization and the people I met." Of course, doing one's due diligence by poring over the financials and reading the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is an important part of the process, but we are flattered when our company culture and relationships are what make the difference.

A recent article in talks about finding the right fit when looking to invest in a franchise company and offers great advice to franchise prospects. Reporter Kerry Pipes writes, "One of the best ways to find out what a franchise's culture and leadership are all about is to visit with existing franchisees. These people know how the company operates day in and day out. They interact with the franchisor and franchise support departments. These franchisees can share with you how priorities are set and how various issues shape the franchise's operations."

Talking with Massage Heights Franchise Owners is a great way to understand specifically why they chose to join our team. If there is a Massage Heights in your area, introduce yourself to the Owner, and ask him or her what it is like to be a Franchise Owner in our organization. If there is not a Massage Heights in your area, this is your chance! Open your own Massage Heights Retreat. In the meantime, listen to one of our Franchise Owners, Trisha McFadden, talk about why she believes in our brand.

Watch her video now. Then learn more about becoming a Massage Heights Franchise Owner.

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