Make Massage a Part of Your Workout Routine


Good news for athletes and those just beginning a regular workout regimen. Research indicates that massage can help your muscles recover after any type of exercise, whether it's a 50-mile bike ride or your very first Vinyasa yoga class.

A new study published in Science Translational Medicine finds that even a short 10-minute Swedish massage can help muscles recover by reducing inflammation. Eleven subjects were asked to work out to their maximum capabilities on a stationary bike. Muscle tissue samples were taken from the legs of each subject before and after the workout and also after a 10-minute massage. They discovered the muscle tissue that had been massaged had less of a protein called NF-kB, which has a role in creating inflammation after exercise.

For Massage Heights Owner and Co-founder Wayne Evans, regular massage was an important part of his post-workout routine as he trained and then competed in the Reebok CrossFit Games. To train, he worked out for two or three days at a time, which was then followed by a day of rest. Rest days involved swimming, biking or fast-paced walking. He also relied on massage to help with his training and recovery throughout his entire journey. "Massage did a lot for me as I trained. It moves lactic acid. It moves the toxins out so muscles can repair faster. It helps with mobility. It does a lot," Evans said.

As more people, like Evans, look to Massage Heights to help with athletic performance and recovery, Massage Heights provides relief with a variety of massages - styles, time increments, and add-on services. Learn more about Massage Heights and our franchise opportunities.

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