Franchise Update Magazine Features Owner & Co-Founder Shane Evans


"I'm inspired by women who are smart, who have been able to be successful and build great businesses," says Shane Evans, president of Massage Heights. Those women include Shannon Wilburn, CEO of Just Between Friends, one of the two moms who co-founded the company in 1997.

Evans, who isn't doing too badly at providing inspiration herself these days, co-founded Massage Heights in 2004 with her husband Wayne and began franchising in 207. Today the brand has 150 units open. Her advice to young women with entrepreneurial or C-suite aspirations?

"With every company, franchise or not, it's about having a vision for what you're trying to create, and having a plan behind it. Work the plan and stay diligent. You have to follow up and follow through, do what you say you're going to do, and have good values and ethics..."

Read more in the latest edition of Franchise Update Magazine.

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