Massage Heights CEO Shane Evans Shares Personal Pep Talk On Bustle


This month, Massage Heights CEO Shane Evans was selected alongside other phenomenal female entrepreneurs to share their insights into success on Bustle. From personal pep talks to opening up and sharing the biggest mistakes in their 20s, Shane Evans and her fellow exceptional entrepreneurs are helping to shape future women's success.

Remind Myself That No One Knows Me Better Than Myself

"Surprisingly, I still get nervous when I am challenged to speak on stage in front of a group of my peers. I often get asked to speak to groups in and out of the franchising industry, and feel like I have so much to learn still! My pep talk for myself is grounded by the fact that I know I'm always prepared, for I'm the only one that knows my story. I remind myself constantly that I'm the best person to speak on the growth of my brand because I have been on the front lines since the beginning."

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Underestimated My Value

"The biggest mistake I made in my 20s was underestimating my value. I had very strong work ethic and always felt because I didn't have a formal education, that I needed to prove myself. I would do this by working incredibly long hours without taking any time off. I know now that it's more impactful to work smarter and more efficiently, to do good work within business hours and to only work those extended hours when it's absolutely necessary. Bosses respect a person's time and efforts more when they see someone go the extra mile when up against a critical timeline, rather than always being the last to leave."

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