Why A Franchise Career With Massage Heights Is Right For You

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At Massage Heights, we want people to dream louder, inspire others, and let their inner leader out. If this sounds like the right fit for you, you just might have what it takes to become a Retreat owner and bring massage therapy and skin rejuvenation to thousands of people.

A Franchise Career with Massage Heights is Right for You if….

You Enjoy Making People Happy

Our goal here is a simple one — to create meaningful relationships by caring for the mind, body, and spirit of every person we touch.

Touch doesn’t just improve your physical health, it affects your mental health. Studies have shown that while someone is getting a massage, their serotonin and dopamine levels drastically increase and improve a person’s mood.

Furthermore, massages give people a chance to step away from their hectic, day-to-day lives and take a few minutes for themselves, doing something they enjoy.

You See the Value in Affordable Massage Therapy

While many of our customers walk through our doors with the hopes of enjoying a little “me time,” massage therapy is also an effective tool in pain management.

Take our founder, Shane Evans, for example. After experiencing a back injury in her 20s, Shane found very little relief from traditional pain management techniques. It wasn’t until she discovered massage therapy that she finally found relief. However, that relief was relatively short-lived. With the price of massage therapy climbing, Shane realized there was a market for inexpensive, quality massages.

Just four months after creating her business plan, Shane opened the first ever Massage Heights.

Massage therapy has also been known to alleviate:

  • Anxiety
  • Digestive disorders
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia associated with stress
  • Sports injuries

You are Energetic and Passionate

It’s an expression you’ve probably heard before — do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. When you own a Massage Heights franchise, you’ll come to work every day knowing that you love what you do and that you’re making a difference.

Many of our franchisees are first-time businessmen and women with little to no experience in the massage and skincare industry. We’re here to tell you that that’s okay! We want people who are eager to learn and will dedicate themselves to their business, staff, and customers.

You are Both a Leader and a Team Player

The beauty of franchising is that you’ll now be in business for yourself. But while that’s an exciting thought for many people, it can also be a scary one. As a Massage Heights franchisee, you’ll be the one responsible for acquiring a customer base, hiring staff, creating schedules, and so much more.

But don’t get us wrong — you may be in charge of your location but you’re far from alone. We understand that when one location succeeds, we all succeed. When you become a Massage Heights franchisee, you’ll be immersed in a five-week training program. The program covers all aspects of Retreat operation — opening and closing procedures, promotions, corporate culture, billing, and more. It’s important that potential franchisees are willing to follow our guidelines and apply what they learn in their own Retreats.

Plus, as a Massage Heights franchisee, you will have access to additional, ongoing, training materials and support.

You Want to Improve Your Personal and Professional Life

Have years of working a 9 - 5 left you feeling unfulfilled? Do you feel stagnant in your career? At Massage Heights, those are questions you’ll never have to think about again. With a world of new opportunities at your fingertips, the options for advancement are high with Massage Heights. After your Retreat is financially stable, perhaps you’ll open another location or expand your existing one.

Your professional career is just one aspect of your life. Here at Massage Heights, we also care about enriching the personal lives of our franchisees. Founded in 2014, the Massage Heights Family Fund helps to provide financial relief and assistance to U.S. Massage Heights Retreat team members and their families in time of crisis, need, or hardship.

You are Financially Stable

When looking at other spa and massage-therapy franchises, we find that we’re very competitively priced. If you’re opening your first location, our franchise fee is $42,000. Because we want to encourage and inspire existing franchisees to open additional locations, the franchise fee drops to $32,000 for any further Retreats.

You’re Never More Than 7 Simple Steps Away From Ownership

Does a career with Massage Heights sound right for you? We understand that people want to hit the ground running once they decide to franchise with Massage Heights, that’s why we’ve broken down our list of 7 Steps to Ownership. If you’re serious about franchising with us, below are the next few steps you’ll be taking!

1. Review information, and attend a webinar and one-on-one consultation.

Becoming a Massage Heights franchisee is a serious investment. Because of that, we want to make sure every potential franchisee has done their homework. After visiting our Right Candidate FAQ, we encourage you to fill out our leadership form for more information.

2. Review and discuss the Franchise Disclosure Document.

A Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) will cover all aspects of a franchise sale, including costs, legal fees, name rights, turnover rates, and more. If you’re new to the franchising world, an FDD is an incredibly valuable document.

3. Complete your application.

Up until now, you’ve been researching Massage Heights, deciding if it’s the right fit for you. If you’ve decided it is, it’s now time to officially apply to become a franchisee!

4. Talk with other franchisees about their success.

Like we said before, you may be in business for yourself but you’re never alone with Massage Heights. We encourage all of our franchisees to meet with one another, share their successes, their struggles, and their tips for success. By meeting with Retreat owners in your area and around the world, you’ll get a better understanding of exactly what it takes to run your own Retreat.

5. Meet with our executive team.

Our executive team will be able to answer your most specific and detailed questions. They’ll also advise you on what available territories may be right for you.

6. Business plan approval.

The most successful business endeavor is one that’s built on a solid business plan. Because we understand that many Massage Heights franchisees don’t have formal business school training, we review and approve every business plan. If we feel there’s something you missed, we’ll gladly help you improve your plan!

7. Sign the franchise agreement

The only thing left to do is sign on the dotted line!

It’s time to achieve your full potential with a Massage Heights franchise!

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