Do I Need Massage and Skincare Experience to Open a Massage Heights Retreat?


It’s a question we’re asked all the time — “Do I need past experience as a masseuse to open a Retreat?”

And we’re happy to say — no! While experience in the massage and skin care industry is certainly a plus, our ideal Retreat owner is one who is passionate, financially stable, and has a strong desire to own a business that improves people’s lives.

If that sounds like you, past massage experience is just a bonus!

Finding Qualified Retreat Owners

Because you will be the one managing your staff of masseuses and skin care experts, we prefer Retreat owners to have more business skills than cosmetology.

Thinking of joining the Massage Heights family? When looking for potential Retreat owners, we look for people with:

Profit and Loss Experience

Profit and loss, also known as P & L, responsibilities include monitoring the net income after expenses for a Retreat. Someone, traditionally a manager, with P & L responsibilities will also have a direct influence on how money is spent throughout the organization and how resources are allocated.

Customer Service Skills

Even if you’re not physically working at your Retreat every day, it’s so important for owners to have wonderful customer service skills. As the head of your Retreat, you’ll be responsible for welcoming guests to your location, occasionally doing local interviews, and handling any problems that may arise.

Our Core Values

Do you consider yourself a loyal, authentic, passionate, and diligent person? We want owners who wake up every day, excited about their job and who are eager to make the lives of their employees and guests the very best they can be.

Retail Management Experience

If you have previous retail management experience, you’ve likely already been trained in profit and loss management, customer service, and a number of other responsibilities. A good manager is one who can act as both a strong leader and a member of the team.

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