My Journey Undercover, Part 4


Note: When she went on the TV series, Undercover Boss, in 2014, COO Shane Evans kept a journal documenting her experiences before, during, and after the show. Follow her blog as she reveals her hopes (and fears) as she undertakes one of her most challenging assignments.

I met with the teams at Corporate today and made a list of areas for improvement that we learned from Undercover Boss. We assigned teams to specific areas and sought recommendations for the following items:

1. Training opportunities for our Franchise Owners and their Team Members.

2. Opportunities to enhance our retail education and merchandising training.

3. Review compensation and incentives for our Team Members.

4. Make a determination about our proprietary products. Some Team Members like them, others do not.

It is so critical that we get these things right, so I have asked everyone involved to bring me their recommendations ASAP. Perhaps this has been the most exciting part of being on Undercover Boss. That ability to look at my company through fresh eyes in order to highlight what's great, and make improvements to what is not.

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