My Journey Undercover, Part 3


Note: When she went on the TV series, Undercover Boss, in 2014, COO Shane Evans kept a journal documenting her experiences before, during, and after the show. Follow her blog as she reveals her hopes (and fears) as she undertakes one of her most challenging assignments.

We have finished filming Undercover Boss, and I am relieved, exhausted, exhilarated, and excited. It will be a while until the show is edited and aired, so I want to write down the most memorable experiences from the show.

The most heartwarming experience I had was with a Massage Therapist named Colin. He lost his sister through a terrible, violent tragedy several years ago and took on the responsibility of raising her children. He was working several jobs and caring for the kids, and yet still giving his all to make sure that his Guests benefited from his massage therapy. He always came to the Retreats happy and ready to serve. It was obvious that despite all the things going on in his life, he wanted to help others by relieving their pain through massage therapy. Colin truly represents our mission of elevating the everyday by touching lives and making a difference.

The other experience that sticks with me is when Colin told me that I would be assisting him with a prenatal massage. Me, who had never done a massage in my life! I was nervous about doing a good job for the Guest, as well as Colin (the professional in this situation). I got an even deeper insight into the hard work our Therapists do every day, and it made me appreciate their efforts all the more.

I think it will take some time to process all the things I learned by doing the show. Clearly, we need to tweak some things to make the experience for our Guests and Team Members as good as it can be. I plan on meeting with all the teams at Corporate to create an action plan to implement these action items as quickly as possible.

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