Meet Gillian and Brian Reed, Franchise Owners of Two Retreats in Texas


The Reeds opened their first Retreat in 2007, choosing Massage Heights because of its spa-like atmosphere and the fact that it wasa new and growing massage franchise. The Reeds believe that the secret to their success is threefold: having a full-time manager who works in the Retreats, doubling the number of massage tables in their locations, and conducting extensive retail and sales training for their employees. Brian and Gillian emphasize goals and rewarding employees when they meet those goals. During training, their employees go through a four day program where they shadow another employee.

"Our training program helps create teamwork and form close bonds, which is part of our culture. We want our employees to feel a part of something bigger than themselves," says Gillian.

The idea of achieving something bigger also applies to the Reeds' community outreach philosophy. They are involved in the mobile mammogram movement and recently helped raised $40K for a local breast cancer charity.

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