Multi-Unit Ownership with Massage Heights


A few years ago, you made the bold decision to open up a Retreat and join the Massage Heights family — it was an exciting time filled with grand openings and new experiences. Now several years later, you’re comfortable with your role as franchise owner and understand the demands of owning a franchise better than ever. So isn’t it about time you challenged yourself once again?

Not only do we allow franchisees to own multiple Retreats, but we encourage it! As a multi-unit Retreat owner, you’ll, once again, experience the thrill of opening a new location (not to mention, the added revenue that a second location can bring in).

The Benefits of Multi-Unit Ownership

  • Expenses per unit decrease: When you’re able to spread the cost of supplies over multiple locations and share certain elements between the two (or three), your expenses per unit will decrease.
  • A competitive advantage: A second location in a given area gives you more brand recognition for consumers to easily identify your business.
  • Additional profits: You’re familiar with the work it takes to get a business up and running…and also understand the revenue streams that this business can bring.
  • The excitement of opening a new location: You opened your first Retreat because you were tired of the status quo, right? Now is the time to take a chance once again and further invest in your future.

Available Territories

The ideal second location is one that’s easy to travel to, but not so close that it competes with your first location for business.

With locations across the United States and internationally, there’s no shortage of communities waiting for a Massage Heights Retreat to open.

Multi-Unit Ownership is the New Norm

Several franchise owners are already experiencing the joy of multi-unit ownership. Just last year, husband and wife entrepreneurs, Mike and Barbara, opened their second Massage Heights in Colorado Springs. Jen Burlington opened her first Massage Heights in 2008 and now manages four Retreats in and around the greater San Antonio region.

If you are interested in working as a part of Massage Heights but do not live in Texas, you may be glad to hear the brand also wants to expand its presence in Nashville, Chicago, St. Louis, Las Vegas, and South Florida among many other markets. Find out more today about franchise opportunities with Massage Heights by calling (888) 810-3940.

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