Massage Heights Reports Record Revenues


Massage Heights has met the unprecedented demand for massages and skincare services with record results. As people are increasingly becoming more focused on their health and well-being now than ever before, Massage Heights Franchising has experienced significant growth. The rising surge of therapeutic massage and facials reflect the increased desire to improve one’s self-care – good news for Massage Heights and anyone looking to start a lucrative massage franchise business.

The pandemic has made more people realize the important benefits of massage. As more individuals struggle with stress, anxiety, skin problems, and the need  for “human touch,” there has been a correlated unprecedented demand for massages and skincare services at Massage Heights franchises throughout North America.

Across-the-Board Growth

Business is booming! Massage Heights reports consistent spikes in appointments across all categories of massages as well as skincare services including a selection of therapeutic facials. When compared to 2019 totals (the latest “normal” year for comparison) the numbers look very good:

  • Massage Revenues Are Up Over 20%
  • Facial Revenues Are Up Over 30%
  • Over 85% Increase In The Number of Franchisees Exceeding $1M in AUV for 2021
  • Membership Revenues Are Up 17%

Business Model Leads to Record-Breaking Increases

With the increased demand for the services provided at Massage Heights, it stands to reason that membership would also be increasing. Even better news - existing member retention is also at an all-time high. Massage Heights CEO and President Susan Boresow shared, “Our members really appreciate our roll-over credit model that builds up benefits. From our quality linens, high-end tables to essential oils and free aromatherapy, it’s all about creating that personalized relaxing experience. Members consistently return to their go-to therapist who takes the time to know and address their specific needs.”

Future Growth Opportunities

Earlier this year, massage industry veteran CG Funk joined Massage Heights as Senior Vice President of Culture & Industry Relations. It is her mission to establish Massage Heights as a thought leader in the industry. She also has plans to further support the work of massage therapists and estheticians and increase awareness on the purpose and value of these wellness careers.

“Our purpose has always been to elevate the lives of our members, franchisees, therapists and estheticians. It’s especially gratifying to know that during these stressful times, we have the ability to heal and help more people than ever before,” added Boresow.

Massage Heights will launch an exciting new podcast and video show early this year to be hosted by Funk called “Outside the Room” focused on recruitment, retention and culture for therapists and estheticians.

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