Massage Heights is Reaching New Heights – Taking the Industry by Storm


This interview was published on Franchise or Bust with Trevor Emerson on 1/12/22.

Scott Schubiger, Chief Development Officer at Massage Heights, recently sat down with FranchisOR Bust, LSM CEO Trevor Emerson to discuss all things franchising and the success the Massage Heights brand is experiencing. Click below to listen to the interview:

In this episode you will hear Scott and Trevor hit on several topics related to franchising and the current climate. Having worked in the franchising industry for many years and helped grow many national brands, Scott has a lot to share about franchising. In this interview with Trevor he talks more about:

  • How important culture is at the franchise level
  • How to find great franchisees
  • Ongoing franchisor support
  • The importance of goal setting at the franchisor level
  • The Massage Heights strategy inside of the franchise community
  • The importance of continued innovation

At Massage Heights, business is booming! Consumer demand is up like never before. Eighty-five percent of the brand’s retreat owners reported revenues over $1Million in 2021, marking a record year of growth for Massage Heights. And, that growth shows no signs of stopping for those equipped to succeed in the new market.

Currently, Massage Heights is promoting a conversion model for small spa owners who want to break into the profitable massage market by using the brand recognition, proven business system, loyalty programs, and proprietary products only Massage Heights offers. Here are some of the ways converting an existing spa business to a Massage Heights helps:

  • Business Model to Increase Revenue
  • Proprietary Billing and Scheduling Software
  • Operational Support Services for Critical Business Areas
  • Membership Model With 97 Percent Retention Rate
  • Upscale Affordability to Attract New Customers
  • Comprehensive Menu of Services
  • All-Natural Proprietary Retail Product Line
  • Turkey Retreat Development Package and Support
  • Five Weeks of Intensive Training
  • Help with Staff Recruiting

These benefits also work for first-time retreat owners too. Now is the best time to join Massage Heights!

Believe in your work.

Massage Heights Franchise is an 18-year-old brand in a booming $18 billion industry. Massage Heights stands out in the marketplace because we offer an experience like no other: affordable but upscale, elevated yet convenient. Our franchisee love growing a business that not only provides local jobs but also provides services that help people live better, healthier lives through massage therapy. Contact us to learn more today.

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