8 Most Common Questions About Becoming a Franchisee


If you are considering starting or buying a business, you may be interested in looking into franchising opportunities. For many new business owners, becoming a franchisee can offer benefits and reduced risk over other types of business ownership. However, like any business endeavor, you may have questions about franchising. Here are eight of the most common questions asked by people looking into becoming a franchisee.

Why choose franchising as a business opportunity? Owning a franchise offers support and direction that starting your own business does not. You are investing in a company that already has an established client base and brand, which has fewer risks than opening a new business.

What are the start-up costs of opening a franchise business?
The costs for becoming a franchise owner will depend greatly on the franchise you choose. You will be investing in the franchise name, plus in equipment, building costs and other inventory that will be needed to begin your business.

How do I choose the best franchise opportunity?
There are thousands of franchise options to choose from, making the choice can seem overwhelming. However, you want a business that is in a growth industry, showing promise for future sales. Many franchisees choose to invest in an industry that interests them or gives them an opportunity to help others.

Will I get training to run my franchise?
Every franchise is different in what type of training or support they offer. At Massage Heights, franchisees get extensive training and support, with five weeks of training prior to opening, plus ongoing support.

Do I need good credit to buy a franchise?
In most cases, franchisees will need good credit plus capital to buy into a franchise. As a franchisee, not only are you investing in the business but the company is also invested in making sure you succeed to build the brand.

Are there rules I will need to follow as a franchisee?
Most franchises will have a set of rules and regulations that must be followed to maintain the integrity of the brand. For those not willing to follow a set business plan, becoming a franchisee may not be the best decision.

What risks are involved with buying a franchise?
As with any business, owning a franchise does have risks. However, with proven, successful franchises, there is less risk than opening a new business since the business plan already has a track record of financial validity, consumers are familiar with the brand and the franchise will provide support.

Am I the right candidate for buying a franchise?
Successful franchisees are people who have an entrepreneur spirit that want to make a difference in their communities. If you are passionate about the industry you choose and are dedicated to building your business, you have the basic traits of a franchisee candidate.

For those looking to invest in a franchise that focuses on health and well-being, we invite you to explore our franchise program at Massage Heights. We are part of an exciting and growing industry dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle while offering exceptional financial opportunities for our franchisees.

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