Trends in the Franchise Industry for 2015


The future looks bright for those who are part of the franchise movement. The past few years have seen franchises create hundreds of thousands of jobs in the U.S., with over 8 million people working in the franchise sector alone. One of the growth centers in new businesses and jobs is franchises in the health and wellness industries. Looking toward 2015, it is an excellent time to be part of the franchise culture, with many exciting trends that can impact financial success in the following year and in the years to come.

Franchise Marketing Trends for 2015

One of the biggest success factors for any business, including franchises, is how to effectively market to consumers. It is no surprise that in 2015 the marketing trends will continue to lean toward digital and mobile marketing. Some specific marketing trends that are expected to be big in the franchise industry include:

  • Blend your media to reach your demographics. Google Adwords, Google Analytics and other digital media are offering better options in audience demographics, giving franchises the ability to target their advertising. Blending media and targeting audiences using social media and other digital sources will be one of the bigger trends in 2015.
  • Mobile is where it is at. More consumers are searching for products and services using phones and tablets than ever before. Be ready for these savvy customers with optimized platforms for mobile users.
  • Focus more on digital ad placement and content versus SEO alone. Google is changing their organic search listings, making it harder to drive traffic off SEO alone. Instead, placing strategic digital ads and adding new content to websites is predicted to be a better focus in 2015.
  • Invest in community marketing. As big as digital marketing is, there is also a trend of consumers wanting a local, in-person experience. The digital backlash is sending people out into their own communities, making it important to invest in local marketing.

Massage Franchises Expected to Grow in 2015

It is a great time to be a franchisee in the health and wellness industry. There is a continued interest in everything to do with health, from eating right to taking care of your body. Massage is one of these growth areas, with more and more people focused on preventive health and wellness options. For 2015, franchises in the health industry are expected to lead the way as people from coast to coast focus on taking better care of themselves.

Both franchising and massage industries are looking at growth spurts for 2015, making it an excellent time to consider investing in a Massage Heights franchise. This is a golden opportunity to become a part of the expanding wellness and preventive health market that is sweeping the country. Start 2015 off right by getting started on the path to becoming a Massage Height Retreat owner. Contact us today to get more information about our exciting franchise opportunity!

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