Invest in Your Future with Massage Heights

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If you’re unhappy with your current job or just feel like greater things are out there waiting for you, franchising with Massage Heights may be exactly what 2019 has in store for you.

Beginning Your Retreat Journey

As they say, every journey begins with a single step. At Massage Heights, we like to believe it begins with 7 simple steps.

  1. Review Information, Attend a Webinar, and One-on-One Consultation
  2. Review and Discuss the Franchise Disclosure Document
  3. Complete your Application
  4. Talk with Other Franchisees About Their Success
  5. Meet with Our Executive Team
  6. Business Plan Approval
  7. Sign the Franchise Agreement

Your Future is Bright with Massage Heights

There are few things more enjoyable than running a successful business, but running a successful business that also helps people might just be one of them.

At Massage Heights, our goal is to provide therapeutic services to people in your area. Through the healing power of touch, we're able to not only provide people with relaxing massages, but also act as a form of pain management.

Still skeptical? Don’t take our word for it, take our franchisees’!

We knew Massage Heights was a brand that would evolve and would listen to our ideas as partners and really grow together. That was a huge difference because yes there was a larger competitor that we considered but when we met with them it wasn’t the same type of relationship...and it wasn’t the same opportunity for growth that we felt with Massage Heights.” - Tammy Busch, franchise owner.

I believe in this company. I believe in what we do. I feel like if you love what you do you don't work a day in your’s great as a business owner to feel like you’re helping people.” - Trisha McFadden, franchise owner.

We fell in love with, number one, the founders of the company and it was family owned and’s a proven model and it works!” - Melissa Searls, franchise owner.

To learn more about the financial requirements and how you can start your Retreat journey, visit our investment information page.

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