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At Massage Heights, we believe deeply in the healing power of massage. With 160 locations in the United States and Canada and $100 million in revenue for the last fiscal year, our business has become a trusted name for franchise owners and clients alike. Realizing our dream of providing people with upscale massages at an affordable price point has been the experience of a lifetime, and we love being able to share that experience with you.

In a recent profile for Forbes, Massage Heights founder, Shane Evan, discussed the business’s humble beginnings, and how she transformed her own back pain into a successful company that provides spa franchise opportunities to small business entrepreneurs across the continent.

From Pain to Profit

As Shave Evans told Forbes, she first began experiencing back pain when she was 19. The sensation was so severe it would leave her on the floor for a week at a time. She tried chiropractors, but they only made the pain worse. That’s when she found massage therapy. Right away, it started helping. There was just one problem: it was so expensive.

This was when Shane first got the idea for Massage Heights. What if you could bring spa-quality massage to everyday people, at a reasonable price? She became committed to making this idea a reality, and by the time she was in her 30s, she knew she had to act. Shane put everything into Massage Heights, from her savings, to her 401K, to her kids’ college funds. Obviously, her gamble paid off, and she turned Massage Heights’ initial Texas location into the franchise powerhouse it is today.

As Shane told Forbes, “I wasn’t one of those people who knew from an early age that I wanted to run a company.” However, she did have a passion. “I kept asking myself, ‘What can I do to elevate someone else’s life, to make it better?’ I knew how massage had helped me heal, and I wanted to offer the same opportunity for wellness and stress reduction to others.”

When Shane first opened Massage Heights, she didn’t know what it would become. The only reason she and her husband, Wayne, decided to franchise this family-run business was because other people kept telling them to. “We realized we had the chance to give others an opportunity to become entrepreneurs and do something they love,” Shane told Forbes. “That is the most valuable and most meaningful part of being a franchise owner.”

In the profile, Shane explains that her biggest question as a successful businesswoman will always be, “Are we doing enough?” As a franchiser, Shane recognizes that she must work as hard as she can to support Massage Heights’ franchisees, which means constantly making new improvements and staying on top of every little problem. “A franchise agreement is like a marriage—it’s for the long haul,” Shane told Forbes.

For Evans, it’s all worth it, because she does what she loves for a living. Looking at her business and career up to this point, she says, “If you’re living your purpose and passion, you’ll go to bed feeling good about yourself and wake up the next morning excited and happy to go to work. I can’t think of anything better. I love the feeling of helping people elevate their lives through massage. Our franchisees are helping people get affordable treatment for pain and stress, and that is wonderful.”

Are you interested in becoming an owner of a Massage Heights franchise location? Ready to unlock your potential and join us on an exciting journey? Then call any time at (763) 270-1001   to request more information, or contact us online today. Once you’re a part of the Massage Heights family, a new and wonderful world of health wellness awaits.  

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