The 5 Things You Need To Create A Highly Successful Career In The Health And Wellness Industry


Claire Meriel of Massage Heights took the time to speak with Luke Kervin, Co-Founder of PatientPop, focusing their attention on her recommendations for a successful career in the health and wellness industry.

Claire explain what her 5 Things You Need To Create a Highly Successful Career in the Health and Wellness Industry, and along with each one, she shares a story or example with each of them.

1. Prioritize your Team: The reason why our membership base tripled in size was due to my team members. To ensure members and guests are being cared for by friendly team members who are equally dedicated to the customer experience, team members need to feel appreciated. My team members are the most caring individuals, who always go above and beyond for one another and the members.

2. Coach & Train: Part of making sure your team is well equipped, is ensuring proper training and ongoing development is being delivered. My background experience was primary in change management and to build a happy team requires communication and that they have a purpose and roadmap to elevate their career in the health and wellness category.

3. Foster Meaningful Relationships: In all industries but especially health and wellness, relationship management is crucial. We’re in the people business, so establishing trust and building up a great culture takes a hands-on approach, being actively involved in the day to day and constant communication internally and with the members. From the owner, front desk to the therapist, everyone takes the time to make lasting connections and getting to know the people we serve.

4. Network: Coming in as a brand new owner was intimidating at first. I was nervous but I dove right into meeting with the other Massage Heights Houston area owners, met with my franchise business consultant, and soaked up the helpful advice and recommendations. We’d bounce ideas off one another, never working against one another but rather a friendly competition and working together as a whole to
further the brand awareness of Massage Heights and the value that regular wellness routines provide our communities. If the franchise is successful, our region is successful and we mutually succeed together.

5. Prioritize Marketing: Taking over an existing retreat, I still felt it was necessary to remarket locally to ensure the community knew where we were, who we were and what we were about.

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