Why the New Year is the Perfect Time to Open a Retreat


The whole world feels different once the ball drops and midnight strikes on January 1. Suddenly, the concerns of last year are in the past and a New Year is ahead. It’s for this reason January is a time of reflection — specifically, job reflection. If you’re feeling unfulfilled by your current job, we believe now is the time to dream louder.

Ask Yourself: Do I Love My Job?

It’s a question many people in the workforce haven’t asked themselves in years — “Do I love my job?” Your job can affect everything from your self-worth and attitude to your relationships with others (both in and outside of work), so it’s important to love what you do.

Signs It’s Time for a New Career

The decision to leave your current job is not an easy one, and it’s one that shouldn’t be made lightly. But if you agree with any of the below statements, it may be time to seriously consider pursuing something greater.

  1. You dread the start of the workweek. Though you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who absolutely loves Monday mornings, you, by no means, should hate when they roll around.
  2. You feel stuck. Do you want to take on more responsibilities but are never given the chance? A good company should encourage employees to challenge themselves, not stick to the status quo.
  3. You complain about work all the time. We’re all allowed a bad day here and there, but you shouldn’t come home each night upset or angry because of work.

Massage Heights — An Investment in Your Future

As the saying goes, you have to spend money to make money. At Massage Heights, we carefully consider each applicant's financial qualifications and values to ensure that every franchisee is happy and successful in their role.

Financial Qualifications

We ask that those interested in opening a Massage Heights Retreat have:

  • Liquid capital of $175,000
  • Minimum net worth of $400,000
  • Working capital of $125,000 or more
  • Franchise fee of $42,000

The total investment involved in a new Massage Heights franchise location ranges from $421,150 to $744,600. But thanks to our revenue-based business model bringing in more than $1 million per top tier Retreat, you’ll quickly find that Massage Heights offers a sound return on your investment!

Our Core Values

Do you consider yourself a loyal, authentic, passionate, and diligent person? We want owners who wake up every day excited about their job and who are eager to make the lives of their employees and guests the very best they can be.

A Business With Purpose

There are few things more enjoyable than running a successful business, but running a successful business that also helps people might just be one of them.

Our goal at Massage Heights is to provide therapeutic services to people in your area. Through the healing power of touch, we're able to not only provide relaxing massages but also act as a form of pain management.

When Shane Evans, the Founder of Massage Heights, suffered a back injury many years ago, she couldn't find a form of pain management that was both effective and affordable. When she heard about massage therapy, she decided to give it a try at her local day spa. One expensive and lack-luster massage later, she knew there had to be a better way to offer high-quality massages at a reasonable price.

It’s this story that guides how we operate our Retreats. Though any good business must have a solid business plan for financial growth, improving the lives of our clients is truly what drives us. What Shane realized after opening her first Retreat was that despite having some of the lowest prices around, she was easily outselling her competition. She learned that when you focus on quality and customer care, financial success comes naturally.

Why the New Year is the Perfect Time to Open a Retreat

People Have More Time to Care For Themselves

Now that the holiday season is over, people have more time to focus on themselves. In an effort to unwind from the hectic month before, we see a large influx of new customers come January.

Everyone’s Focused on Their Health Resolution

This year, health and wellness-related resolutions continued to be the most popular. From mental to physical, Massage Heights Retreats care for every aspect of your health.

It’s a Fresh Start

The New Year gives people the courage to do things they may otherwise wait months to attempt. Regardless of what your motivation is, January is the time for new beginnings and fresh ideas.

Do I Need Skin Care or Massage Experience?

As a franchise owner, you’ll handle the overall operation of a Retreat, not necessarily the day-to-day tasks. As a Retreat owner, you’ll be expected to:

  • Manage P & L (profit and loss). This includes a Retreat’s net income after expenses, how money is distributed, and where resources are allocated.
  • Interact face-to-face with customers. Though many Retreat owners are not at their location Monday through Friday, you will be the face of your storefront (especially during your first few months of operation). As the head of your Retreat, you’ll be expected to welcome guests, solve disputes among employees, and handle any problems that arise.

It’s time to achieve your full potential with a Massage Heights franchise. To become a Massage Heights Franchise Owner, contact us at (888) 810-3940 or request more information here.

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